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7/6/96 - T+6
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7/6/96 - T+6 - The Morning After

The morning after began reasonable early. I was up at 8:30 and caught up on some computer chores while the others gradually awoken. My hosts for the previous night were my friends Pete and Susan DeMayo, and their son Bailey, the Wonder Dog.
Pete cooked a wonderful brunch that we enjoyed out back under the shade trees. Those left over from the party to enjoy brunch were myself, Pete and Susan, and Pete's cousin Jack and his wife. Sancho was nowhere to be found. I think he may have gotten lucky at the party. He showed up later in the day, hung over, his cloths ripped, a silly smile on his face, and no memory beyond awakening this morning. The brunch was a wonderful way to enter normal life after such a party.

After clearing the dishes, the ladies retired to the shade to enjoy ice tea and the afternoon while the men folk went to work on the chores.

Jack and I attached the noisy attic fan and determined the problem and removed the faulty parts. Completion was delayed due to lack of parts. While attempting to get a cold drink, we discovered that our next repair job would be to fix the ice maker. Working together, Jack and I made quick work of this annoyance. Pete and I then attacked the barbecue to correct it's burner problem.
Jack applied his expert skills to fix the gates on the backyard and side yard fences. All of our projects were successful and hopefully repaid our hosts for their wonderful hospitality.

With my chores done, I repacked Rozinante and loaded Sancho into the car. Sancho is still in a daze, he just sits there with that silly grin on his face. All ready for the road it was time to say good bye.

I cried real tears as I drove away from Glen Cove. They were tears of loss and tears of regret for all friends and opportunities that I was leaving in New York. I've never hurt so bad in my live. As I headed for the Lower Bridge Crossing, I realized the emptiness that Bobby Lee's army must have felt as they withdrew from Gettysburg, their dreams of victory were over, and they were now traveling away from a defeat and into uncertainly. To me, this creates a very empty feeling.

My special thanks go out to my dear sister Penny whom I love very much. She helped me put a lot of this into perspective and to realize that sometimes we must give up the things that we value in order to truly experience the possibilities. As the song says, Freedom is another word for Nothing Left to Lose. The problem is the hurt that goes along with the losing. Please keep me in mine these next couple of days, I don't think this emptiness is over.

The drive over to Gettysburg was mostly quiet. There wasn't much talking, myself wrapped up in my thoughts, and Sancho slept to avoid his hang over. A couple of memorable events come up. I was 400 yards from the bridge out of New York, when a NYPD officer writes me a ticket for no front license plate. Talk about tax collection, I'm unavoidably crossing the bridge out of the state, I have a California driver's license, there are maps all over the front seat, and the trunk is full of luggage, I still couldn't convince him that I was leaving and never bringing that car back again. He just wanted the $45 for the city's coffers. Fortunately it's an equipment violation of the city ordinance so there's no license points.

The second event of the trip was actually quite pleasant. While traveling south on I 83, the city of Harrisburg started their fireworks display. Myself and about 50 other cars stopped along the side of the interstate on the bridge to enjoy the display. It was totally unexpected and quite wonderful.

Well, it's been a tough day here, tomorrow will have to be better. A lot of cool adventures to make sure you tune in tomorrow night. Take care and be good to yourself.



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