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7/2/96 - T+1
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7/2/96 - T+1 - A Pilgrim's Progress

The day started with a little site seeing. Being in Plymouth, I had to do the tourist thing. The first trip for the day was a nice walk down the waterfront to the Plymouth Rock.

Now as rocks go, I've seen many that are much more impressive, but the history and symbology of this one is what makes it important to us. For those of you who have forgotten, this rock marks the original landing point for the pilgrim's voyage from England in 1620.

Right down the street from the rock is docked the Mayflower. Well not actually the original Mayflower, but a reproduction of the original. The ship is an exact copy and is outfitted in the same manner as the original voyage. On board are actors in period costume and completely in character as 17th century travelers. They were quite good with their accents and speech patterns, along with being very informative. I didn't think this tour would be very interesting, but I could have spent hours there learning more about the ship and it's voyage. One thing that I did learn is that I'd much rather fly than sail in 17th century conditions!

From Plymouth it was a scenic drive through the New England countryside up to Brockton and lunch with an old friend. Hey Ellen, your picture is on the Web! One of the things that I really value in life are friendships that last into the years where both of you can learn and grow together in life.

After our luncheon, it was mounting up on Rozinante and back on the road. As I pointed by trusty steed north, I plotted a course to avoid Boston rush hour and to deliver me safely into New Hampshire. My objective being Uncle Wayne's Bookstore in Peterborough New Hampshire.  For those of you who are hams, Uncle Wayne is the publisher of 73 magazine. As I crossed the state line, I remembered how much I like New Hampshire. Any state that has a motto of "Live Free or Die" is OK with me! While I was there, I picked up a very disturbing book titled "NASA Mooned America" by Rene. All I will say for now it that as a late baby boomer who admired our space program, this book will destroy a large portion of your belief system. If you are interested in this subject, talk to me directly.

From there is was a pleasant drive across southern New Hampshire into Maine. I'm bedded down this evening in Kennebuckport Maine. There's a wonderful town here that I plan to explore in the morning. For Now it's wrap up this report and head to the micro brewery next door for a few cold ones.

I'll say so long for now and I'll talk with you tomorrow.



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