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7/24/96 - T+23
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7/24/96 - T+23 - The Promise Land

I left my home in Norfolk Virginia, California on my mind .....

We not entirely correct but Elvis would understand. I'm currently as close to the Promise Land as I can get without actually being there. My motel room is 200 yards from the California border. It's so close I can taste it.

Today began as a travel day. I left Denver and headed west on I-70. My objective was Las Vegas. As travel days go, this one was rugged. I crossed the Rockies into Utah and started across the plains. Boy was it hot. Even after dark it was over 102 degrees. Rozinante performed quite gallantly. He strongly strided across hill and dale. Only once did he even get heated. He's quite a stead.

I rolled into Vegas about 111:00 and started down the strip looking for lodging. The lights and the crowds were just to much for this country boy! I got back on I-15 and kept moving towards LA. Part of me wanted to just keep rolling and finish this trip. But, the stripped white line was started to look solid and the over passes seemed to be taking on strange forms so I figured I better stop. Today was my longest drive. I covered over 800 miles. Something drew me to thisi place. So close but yet so far!

I was going to cross the border but Sancho picked up a friend on the Strip and I was worried about the Mann Act. Just kidding, I check her ID, she's 18. I think they make a good pair. She's a bear and he's a cat but I don't think that will stop them.

But back to seriousness. I appresiate all of you who called today to check on me. I just haven't felt up to web paging the last couple of days so I owe you some updates. I don't know what's going on. I've gotten full nights sleep these last couple of nights but I haven't slept well. Today I was thinking back to that first night in Plymouth and it seemed so long ago. I've suceeded in forgetting what day it is or what's the date.

I crossed the Continental Divide today so the magic has begun. I did a lot of thinking while driving. I still haven't figured what it's all about.

I'd like all of you to take a moment of silence and prayer tomorrow morning. A very close friend of mine lost his step mother and tomorrow morning is the service. I'd hoped to be there, but I just can't make that happen. If you all could remember him and his father at this difficult time I'd appreciate it.

Good bye until later!



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