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7/15/96 - T+14
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7/15/96 - T+14 - The Windy City

As the day begin my vacation from vacation was over. It was time to hit the road again. I carefully packed my now clean cloths and restocked Rozinante with fresh supplies. The computer and comm gear was packed away in it's places and we were ready to hit the road. As I pulled away from Sawyer my heart was heavy for two reasons. First I was leaving my family behind. I know that I would speak with them soon, but it's always better to be with them in person. I know I don't say it enough so, Penny, Dennis, Jaye I love you all! The second reason for my heavy heart was the empty seat beside me. My squire Sancho has still not been heard from. I questioned whether I should give him up for dead.

Our first stop for the day was in Chicago to publish the latest version of The Crossing. For those of you who have not received it yet, return to the home page and select the download option. Version 1.3 is the latest that was just published today. I'll apologize now for the production quality of this issue. I wasn't satisfied with the last version so I changed production houses. Well this one is even worse. I'll try to find a better one for the next issue.

Our next stop was to the good Dr. Bill Toth's office for a quick physical tune up. If anyone who lives in the Chicago area is looking for a good chiropractor, Dr. Bill is your answer! Now not only is Dr. Bill a great chiropractor but also a good friend. He and I, accompanied by his lovely daughter Casey, retired to an early supper to catch up on old times and plan new adventures in life. The only downside is that his wonderful wife Carrie was out of town, so she couldn't join us.

After dinner it was on to Penny and Dennis' house for tonight's lodging. Their butler Milo was kind enough to show me in and help me store my gear. Milo and I go way back so we sat around and caught up on old times until it was time for bed. Milo's a good man. Penny and Dennis are lucky to have such good house staff.

After a brief reading period, I turn in early for a good nights sleep. I was awoken with a start by a loud banging noise on the front door. I arose quickly, donned by night shirt, and grabbed my sword to investigate. When I arrived on the ground floor I could hear a large truck idling outside and see two shadowy figures on the front porch. I grasped the doorknob firmly and quickly swung the door open. Seizing the moment of surprise, I leapt through the threshold, brought my sword to ready and challenged the intruders to "Identify yourself or prepare to meet your maker!" My challenge was meet by a drunken roar of laughter that could only belong to my beloved Sancho! I dropped my sword immediately and grasped him and his companion in a hug that nearly squeezed the life from them both. Quickly I offered them entrance into the house so that I could great them properly. Sancho's friend turned out to be a friendly trucker, named Jim, who gave him a ride out of Kentucky and safely delivered him to us here in Chicago. Jim thanked me for my offer of hospitality but had to decline. The road was calling him like all of us. He had miles to go before he could sleep. As a quick note to all of you. When you are traveling, remember to be kind to the truckers. They are the life blood of our transportation system and all of them that I have meet have been great!

Well now, with Sancho back in our fold, we must celebrate. I ordered Milo to throw open the house and pour the best wine. My Sancho has returned! The neighbors came from blocks around to the sound of the celebration. The music played, the wine poured, the people danced, it was grand. The party lasted well into the evening with all having a smashing time. It didn't break up until almost dawn when the police finally insisted that we must shut down. As you can see, our Sancho had a wonderful time.

We didn't hear much of where he's been, but it appears to involved a drunken fight over a Cajun Queen so something like that. At this point the past isn't important. The present is that Sancho is alive and with us and that is all that matters. I will try to find out more and report back to you later.
Our host Milo was a trooper. He danced and partied with the best of them. Unfortunately he's not as young as he used to be and eventually succumbed to the elements. As I head to bed I'll leave him where he fell. Tomorrow I'll patrol the grounds and collect the wounded.

That's all for now, there is still a little wine left and a few wenches left about so I must be going. Ya'll be good humans and I'll talk to you later. Boy I hope Milo gets the castle and grounds cleaned up before Penny and Dennis get back.



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