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6/30/96 - T-1 (Holding)
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6/30/96 - T-1 (Holding)
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6/30/96 - T-1 (Holding) - The Real Last Day

Sometimes it's amazing how much difference a good night's sleep makes. It even seems to have a positive effect on the electronics also. After further trouble shooting last night, the problem was diagnosed as a bad modem. A quick trip to CompUSA and all is better. (I guess I've joined the Mike Binder club is the modem breakers. Hey Mike, I'll be sending you a back dated purchase req.) So then's it's on to the days chores. One last trip to the cleaners and we're set with clean cloths for the next week or so. Not that the cleaner's is such picturesque moment, but I needed some practice on the digital camera. I guess you all will just have to suffer through a few needless images, hehehehe.

By all accounts, lunch was a special celebration, my last lunch in New York, hey everything is a celebration when your on vacation. Any way, today's lunch celebration was held at my favorite Chinese restaurant. Sorry, I haven't the slightest idea who the people are, they were just standing there when I took the picture. The kung pao chicken was great and I even got some reading done.

From there it was back to the office to finish up the chores for the day. The computer's got loaded and the final bills paid. All was done and it was time to get loaded and move on. As I took the first load out to the car, it really hit me that I was leaving. When I took one last walk through the building, I reflected on a lot of good times I've had over the last two years. It's funny how we can always find good things to remember when we try. As a funny side not, I think today's rain shrunk my car. The trunk sure seems to hold a lot less than I planned, hehehe.

As I wind down from a busy and productive day, I'm scouting out tomorrow's trip and route. The plan is to head east out towards the far end of the island. From there a ferry to Connecticut and then on to Rhode Island. Have a great day and we'll talk again tomorrow.



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