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7/16/96 - T+15
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7/16/96 - T+15 - Bikes and Beer

The day began early with a quick patrol of the ground to pick up any casualties from last nights party. Once the perimeter was cleaned it was onto today's adventure. The first stop was to the blacksmith to get Rizonante fixed up. From there it was onto the road.

The first tourist stop for the day was the Harley Davidson Headquarters in Milwaukee. It only seemed fitting to see the headquarters after seeing the production plant last week. They don't have a museum here and the engine plant is shut down for model year change over so it was a quick tour.

The next stop was the Pabst Mansion in downtown. This is a beautiful mansion in the heart of downtown that was built by the Pabst family in 1890. This place is incredible, 18 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, and 17 fireplaces. Boy did these people live well! It is partially restored to it's original condition and is a wonder to see.

Our final stop for the day was a guided tour of the Miller Brewery. Special thanks goes out to Mark Sick, Sandra's brother, for his hospitality and the in depth tour. I got to see everything from the brewing to the bottling all up close and personal. I now know how to make both bourbon and beer.

Headed out of Milwaukee it was a straight shot across Wisconsin and into Minnesota. I'm bedded down in a little town called Dexter at a family owned motel. Don't worry, it's $34 per night so it's in the safe zone.

Sancho wasn't much use today, he sleep most of the time. Boy he must have had some adventure. I think he may have the making of a knight of old himself some day.

Well that's all for today, so long and have a great evening!



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