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Last weekend, 5/15/99, I attended a great plane tuning class given by John Gunterman, AKA Spokeshave. Here are a few images of myself and the others being put through the paces as John whips us into shape.  The naration is from John himself as he posted in rec.woodworking.

Adventures in Plane Tuning

Well, today I hosted a Hand Plane Tuning Class at my home today. IMO, it was great sucess. we all got our hand-planes tuned up nicely and were soon taking gossamer wisps off some Lacewood

To begin at the beginning, we all gathered together early in the morning and went down to the  shop (which I stayed up quite late cleaing ;-) and discussed harpening techniques and then honed some Hock Iron.

First we gave the irons a hollow grind:

kay-grind.jpg (94859 bytes)

Then we honed up the irons to razor sharpness using various methods (Scary Sharp, Diamond hones, strops and what-not):

honing.jpg (94844 bytes)

After a lot of hard work we decided to "cheat" a bit and resort to the use of
evil tailed deamons to make the lapping process move along a litttle faster:

power-lap.jpg (97969 bytes)

Soon we were all using our planes on some bitchin' Lacewood.

using.jpg (84504 bytes)

Everybody sure looked happy with thier freshly tuned planes in hand:

graduates.jpg (67669 bytes)

Left to Right...
Bernie Hunt, Nikael Cramer, Kay Fisher, and Andy Bambury

Special thanks go out to my "students" for putting up w/ the cramped quarters,
and newness of this cousre (They were the Beta Test, for possible future classes

visit the New Apprentice Neanderthal Page at: www.shavings.net

Editor: John not only produces classes on plane turning, he also is a world renowned expert on spoke shaves and has taught students all around the country how to make their own spoke shaves.


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