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Debbie Moves to a New Home

Our house is a very very very fine house with two cats in the yard. . . .

9\1\97 08:00 EST -- Well it's finally official Debbie has moved into our new home in Port Washington New York. As the song says it is a very very very fine house. The only problem is that we only have one cat and no yard but other than those two minor issues the song is correct. We moved Debbie into the house over Labor Day weekend over this last Labor Day weekend. I guess I know why it's called Labor Day now seeing as how Debbie did the moving and I did the laboring, hahahaha.

(Editor's note: A few of you have asked, No I didn't put Debbie in a "Home".  Any of you that know me know that I'm the one that need to be institutionalized, hahahahaha.)

We started moving in on Friday about noon. By early that afternoon all of the boxes and furniture had been removed from the track and placed on the house. The next task was to begin that long process of an packing boxes and the area were put everything fortunately for me my role in this was mainly just the physical labor of moving boxes around.

The next task was to begin the long process of unpacking the box. For me, my work was just a physical movement of the boxes. Debbie's task was that of trying to figure out where to put everything. Over the next couple of days everything became settled so that by a Sunday evening what was a house had turned into a home. The only thing left to do on Monday was hanging the pictures and a few assorted chores.

A special thanks needs to go out to Debbie's mom, Mrs. Turner who came over and helped us with many of the tasks of unpacking the boxes. Thanks also goes out to Debbie’s friend Jojo who was kind enough to keep Ms. Sadie during the move process. For those of you who don’t know, Ms. Sadie is 18 pounds of red and white fur. She is quite a lady if I might say so, at least as a cat goes.  The picture you see here is of Ms. Sadie using my laptop to update part of our web page.  She normally is a behind the scenes type worker but sometimes she likes to get some of the attention and lime light.

Well back to the house. The future Hunt Family Abode is located in Port Washington NY on the north shore of Long Island. Port, as the local’s call it, is about 10 miles east of the Queens/Nassau border and about 5 miles north of the LIE. It’s a wonderful little town with a long history and a nautical feel to it. Our house is one block north of the marina. Yes I said we live on the north shore of the island so how can the marina be south? The harbor has a hook shape to it and we live on that hooked part. In easy walking range is the marina and a huge park with all kinds of facilities. 

The house is actually in the village of Manor Haven which seems to be famous for it’s garbage law enforcement, lack of street light repair and gets forgotten during snow removal. I found all of these to be absolutely untrue. The people at the village hall were most helpful in getting me up to speed on all the regulations and the street light was repaired within one week of my call. Can’t speak much for the snow removal yet but I think it will all be grand. My take on Manor Haven it that it’s a wonderful little community with great people and nice homes.

Our house is actually a duplex. As you see it in the picture, we are the right side. There is a young couple next door that is quite nice. I have forgotten their names at the moment but will add them as soon as my alzheimer’s goes into remission. It’s a good sized two bedroom and 2 bath home. The two bedrooms are upstairs along with the two full baths. Downstairs is on large room that is the living room and dining area. The kitchen is separated by a counter peninsula that makes a great eating area for snacks and light meals.

Down below is a full sized basement that will make a great workshop. I’m also secured the use of the spare bedroom for the East Coast Communications Center, or East Comm as we are starting to call it. I’m sure we will be hearing much more about the projects coming from both East Comm and the basement.

Enough of the technical details, let’s cover one of the funny moments of the move. After all of the boxes were moved in and we began to explore the place, Debbie called out from the basement, "Honey come here!" I sprinted to the basement to come to her aid thinking that my baby is in need of assistance. When I arrived she asked, "Honey, what are those two large white things?" I knew then what my new family assignment would be. I replied, "Debbie, that would be a washer and dryer." That’s ok, it’s a small trade off for such a fine woman. Plus, you’ve never seen whites till you’ve seen my laundry. It’s been elevated from a science to an art form. I take my washing seriously!

Many of your have been asking when will I be moved to NY. Well the answer is a resounding "I don’t know", or maybe a "Soon." I am still officially a resident of California. Work has kept me pretty busy on the road so I haven’t had time to pack and make plans. I should be moved completely by the end of the year. At least I better be. I’m getting tired of having all of my possessions spread across the country. I don’t have all of the details yet, but I will keep everyone posted. For those fans of the Crossing, you can count on some kind of similar event. No it will not be as long, but you can expect it to be just as strange. You all know that I don’t do anything the normal way!

I will leave you with one last picture of Debbie standing in the doorway of our new home. If you have read the Engagement Section then you will recognize the infamous overalls. I don’t think I can find the words to express how lucky I feel to have such a wonderful lady who loves me so much! I hope that all of you find your similar happiness in life.

The next line in the song that I quoted above is:

Our house is a very very very fine house,
with two cats in the yard,
life used to be so hard,
now everything is easy cause of you.

Debbie, This is how I feel about you! I find that everything in life is better when you are around!

To the rest of you, I wish you all a good time and a happy life!

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