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The Woodworking Made Easy Video System


If woodworking is about anything, it's about joinery; the objective is to put together wood so as to form useful, sturdy, and hopefully, beautiful objects. Like any other fabrication process, there are many ways this can be accomplished. I think though, that if I was given just one assembly method to use, it would be biscuit joinery. It's not that the concept is new, it isn't. It's not that it "looks" like it's doing anything heroic, it doesn't, as it's usually embedded in the work, unobtrusively doing its job. It's just that as the workhorse of modern joinery, it has so many applications and evolving benefits that no other single method can match it for ease of use and dependability. Thought of in those terms, it's easy to see for instance, that a biscuit can usually take the place of a dovetail, but a dovetail can't always be used instead of a biscuit.

But of course, this isn't the whole story either. Like any other skill function, it can be done well or it can be done poorly. This acclaimed video instruction system has addressed common shortcomings associated with poor joinery, and guarantees that using the methods shown, even the least expensive machine will give results equal to the most expensive.


Beginning with safety issues, the viewer is introduced to a series of related subjects that comprise a systemic learning experience. You are prepared to manage even the largest, most complex of projects.


Each segment has been carefully researched to maximize a viewer's knowledge and productivity in the shortest time possible, with all relevant issues explored. Result: a total command of the joinery process with expert-like knowledge.



Key concepts are reinforced using both audio and video statements. Ensures you know where the critical steps are.


This feature- rich full-length video will require more than one sitting to glean all the information, tips and tricks it contains, here's but one:


Obtain a perfect outside 45 -degree miter joint without a special fence or even stock of the same thickness. Simply clamp the two faces together to form a 90 degree junction, set the tool's straight fence to position the slots in the lower third of the thinnest stock, and plunge-cut on your index marks. Since you have referenced from the same point, any excess stock flows to the inside area when assembled, usually to no concern.

Learn the secrets of:



  • 105 Minutes long, with wall to wall tips
  • 15 Day money back guarantee
  • Detailed plans kit makes learning easier and quicker with a "system" approach. Includes drawings of jigs and fixtures as used in the video.
  • Methods will work with all "mini" joiners- in fact, you may decide they are unneeded
  • Adaptable to any plunging joiner

The Guarantee:

You must be satisfied in every respect or your money back if returned within 15 days of purchase-you risk nothing!

Woodworking Made Easy: The Biscuit Joiner Video Ordering Instructions.

Enjoy the safety and convienience of our new "Open Shipping" program and have virtually no risk of credit card interception.

( Please note this offer is for individual use*, and is subject to change without notice)

Receive the complete system: Video, Plans Kit and bonus Tool for $29.45 total.

Orders outside the U.S. will incur additional expense, and are payable in U.S. funds - your order and total cost will be confirmed before shipment.

What To Do?

It's easy, read the terms of sale, and just click on the "Free Tool" icon below and copy me with the data from this order form. Your order and free tool will be confirmed and shipped immediately..

Thank you for your order, The following are terms of sale:

By submitting your order you agree to the following: that payment or return of product will be made within 15 days of receipt of goods (your evaluation and warranty period), unpaid invoices will be charged at the annual interest rate of 18%, that you are over 18 years of age, and title to such goods does not pass until paid in full. This product does not carry public performance rights, and is not to be shown, loaned, or rented to the public; see below for details on purchasing such rights.

If returning product to cancel order, you will pay return shipping, but the free tool is yours to keep

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Get Your Free Tool When You Order!

This exclusive plastic spreader tool will ensure glue squeezed into biscuit slots is evenly distributed before insertion thus promoting even better joints. It also works great at spreading glue on edge to edge joints too, so why spend up to $50.00 for a high-maintenence applicator when this simple and speedy tool will serve?


Public Performance Rights

* Libraries, schools, rental or fee-based institutions, and others, please note that purchase and registration of public performance rights is required. E-mail for ordering information and pricing.

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