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Constructing Laminated Boxes with Jerry Syfert

(1995) 60 mm. $39.95. Video Cine Services,

P.O. Box 1352 Westchester, PA. 19380-0022

(610) 269-6333 Fax: (610) 873-9734

Order direct from Video Cine, no web site as yet.


A Review by Hank Metz on December 21, 1999

I was impressed by Jerry Syfert's ability to conjure up, explore, and present his self- taught methods for producing simple yet elegant variations on a basic theme. Laminated Boxes provide an endless palette of design choices for an experienced woodworker who is looking for a breakout product line to distinguish him or herself with. An excellent way for say, a carpenter to enter the world of fine woodworking, exhibit at art and craft shows, sell by direct mail, or ultimately sign with a gallery.

I give this effort high marks for delivering on its promise, and have been in contact with the producer suggesting Jerry design a supplemental quick-startup kit that will make enthusiasts immediately productive, and one is expected this spring.


Two Further Reviews From Other Professional Sources:


This program, designed for the experienced woodworker, illustrates a method for the building of small decorative wooden boxes. The artist takes the viewer through the construction process with carefully designed steps that are completely illustrative and easy to follow. The program includes many necessary although oft unthought of steps, such as selecting different woods, flocking the interior of the box and advanced design ideas using the laminating process. Each step both design and production, is clearly shown using close-up photography with the host reassuring the viewers that this isn't too difficult and that they are limited only by their imagination and creativity.

These processes are not for the beginning wood worker. Although the steps are not difficult to execute, the tools used in the process require some degree of competence and familiarity with to use properly. In addition, most beginning wood workers will not have the workshops that are necessary for these kinds of projects. Despite the degree of tool sophistication necessary this program is riveting to watch. The steps are so clearly delineated that I am sure that even a wood butcher such as myself can do this, I am totally convinced. If I could just convenience my wife that I need a power miter saw, a stationary belt sander, a band saw, and at least a thousand glue clamps I could whip these out by the gross.

The audio and visual aspects of the program are completely appropriate for the subject matter. The close-up shot was invented for this program. Each production step is shown clearly and in such a way that the viewer completely understands the process. The camera people have done a good job of composing the Images in such a way as to keep the viewer completely engrossed in the program.

Something needs to be said about the master craftsman (Jerry Syfert) who hosts this program. Mr. Syfert is obviously not a professional performer. His delivery style is perfect for this program. It is like you are right there and he is just showing you what he has been doing. There are no pretenses, no airs, and no condescending. It all works together to produce a very believable and easy to follow program.

I highly recommend this program for any library that serves a population that might include wood workers. The only caveat is that these wood workers need to have some woodworking experience and access to the various tools used in the program.

Rating; 4
Reviewer: Steven W. Hagstrom
Affiliation: Tarrant County Junior College
Indexing: Woodworking, Decorative Arts, Crafts, Hobbies


Video Librarian, #18 May-June 1995

Master craftsman Jerry Syfert shows viewers how to make lovely wood boxes out of traditional and exotic hardwoods in this hands-on guide. Using some serious tools (band saw, miter saw, drill press, and router), Syfert demonstrates step-by-step how to construct a basic box first and then tackles a more difficult- but beautifully worthwhile-addition: laminated boxes. Gluing different hardwoods together (such as zebra wood and tiger maple), Syfert cuts the composite into pieces, which can be rearranged to form striking designs.

Although major power tools are used here, many of the steps can be completed with simpler hand tools. A good choice for crafts collections.



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