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The "Woodcarving Without Fear" series by Ray Kinman:

Volume1, "Six Steps to Producing Believable Woodcarvings", 60 minutes, 1998

Volume2, "How to Carve Beautiful Wood Signs", 40 minutes, 1998

Volume3, "Easy Sharpening Techniques", 30 minutes (not reviewed), 1998

Available via E-mail for $19.95 each or all three for $54.95

Order from: doorman@gte.net (909) 337-3419


A review by Hank Metz on September 5, 1999

Ray Kinman, "Worlds Most Humble Woodcarver"™, has produced two video works on the art of releif carving. Templates are included so that you can duplicate his techniques, a simplified six-step method that he has developed from his years as a professional carver and instructor, and specifically aimed at the beginning or aspiring carver.

He has wisely narrowed his choice of hand carving tools to five types, and relies on the router and high-speed handpiece (a Dremel®-like tool) to waste large areas.This means that with a few practice projects, an easy familiarity will soon develop which will translate into a confidant undertaking of more complex creations.

Some carving videos just show how to remove wood and end there- Ray goes the additional mile and takes you through the finishing steps that give your project an extra dimension of visual appeal, in particular his shadow staining method is simple yet stunning!

This is the kind of acquired skill that can add great value to cabinetry, furniture, or millwork items, simply by its character and artistic statement.

Maybe you too will be a "Humble" woodcarver after a while, but it'll be hard to stay that way once the compliments start rolling in.


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