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WNB Volume 2 #1

The New Stuff:

I think I've made good use of my time since I last did a major site update. I've begun work on the "Biscuit Tutor", and hopefully with animated graphics it will tell a better story than static ones do.

I'd be appreciative of your feedback on the Tutor, even if you don't use biscuit joinery.

I've sold all my good stuff to you regulars mostly, so I've taken down "Do You Need". I hope you've given the goodies a loving home. Likewise I've concluded the disposition of my steam launch project, at least up here in the North. I'm hopeful to get the chance to start it up again once I'm resettled.

WNB Volume 1 #7

The New Additions:

I'm pleased to offer you the "Triangle Marking" method according to Hank. Couple this with the "Story Stick", and you have a complete system for project fabrication that is totally portable- that is to say it will work anytime, any place for you regardless of your circumstances. If ease of construction and accurate results are your goal, you'll be hard put to find a better methodology than this combo.

Means of Work: http://www.ameritech.net/users/hankm/methodmenu.htm

As with many businesses, I acquire tools and supplies that are either too good to pass up, or no longer needed for my current operation. I've decided to offer them on a generous pricing and terms basis...

Do You Need: http://www.ameritech.net/users/hankm/toolist.htm

Recreational Project:

I've got mixed feelings about doing this, one part of me wants the construction challenge, the other wants the warmer climes of southern living after so many years in the snow belt.

What I'm talking about is the decision to sell my steam launch project and put the needed funds towards a property purchase "down south". All I'm asking is the direct cash expenditure invested in her to date, further details are at:

Fanny: http://www.ameritech.net/users/hankm/fannysale.htm

For the next millennium and beyond:

Well, who knows for sure huh? But as long as you keep responding with site feedback like you've been doing, I'll try and deliver the goods you request. Thanks for your support and patronage.

WNB Volume 1 # 6

The New Addition:
I've updated the Notebook site with a review of talented wood carver Ray Kinman's two new videos on "Woodcarving Without Fear", this is a facet of the woodworking experience I plan on exploring. To date, all my carving experience consists of using ball bearing molding bits driven by a router- you just can't miss with those, so I'd like to try some "risky" free-form work that Ray presents so well.

Review: http://www.ameritech.net/users/hankm/rayk.htm

I'm doing the freebie Shelving Solutions seminars on Friday, October 1st @ 4:30 and Saturday the 2nd @ 2:30 on at the Odeum, 1033 N. Villa Ave., Villa Park, Illinois. I'll be exploring ways to add economical and efficient support systems for cabinets, entertainment units, freestanding shelves, etc. I'll also have a Q&A afterwards.

More info: http://www.thewoodshows.com/

Rocklers, the Former "Woodworkers Store" of Arlington Heights Illinois is moving to Schaumberg and is having a grand opening on Saturday, the 24th of September. I'll be there during the day and will be giving free seminars also.

More info : http://woodworkerstore.com/retail/chicago.htm

Recreational Project:
The steam launch has been fun, but I didn't get as far along as I had hoped, and that's everybody's complaint who does a project like this, so I must be right on schedule. If I can get my stringers on the "turtled" hull form, I'll tarp her up and resume with planking in the spring.

Get the plate joiner video NOW! with the "Open Ship, 30 Day Invoice" program:


WNB Volume 1 # 5

The New Addition:
For this update event, I've added a fifth volume to everybody's favorite feature, "Hot Tips":


One of our fellow Notebook subscribers, Gary Armhein, came across with a tip I haven't seen before and is very effective, so check it out. If you have a tip you'd like to share with other woodworkers, by all means send it in and get your 15 minutes of fame too. ;-)

How's It Going?

It's summer, and most folks aren't in the shop as much as being out in the garden or on vacation, or dealing with kids who are. With that in mind, I thought I'd like to try and bring a little of the shop into the home, and also perform a social research experiment at the same time. If you would like a copy of my video special package on "Woodworking Made Easy", E-mail me your complete address and telephone number & I'll ship one out to you with a postpaid return invoice for the same special price of (U.S.) $29.45- I'll also include the free glue tool since this is a legitimate net order. Naturally if things don't work out I'll have to suspend the program, but I know from personal experience that fellow woodworkers' are an honest lot, and so I'm willing to take the risk.

Details of the video are at: http://www.ameritech.net/users/hankm/wme.htm

Recreational Project:

I've finally gotten a bit of respite from my regular business that will allow me to pursue a pet project I've wanted to do- build a steam launch. This will include not only building the hull, which is already underway, but building her propulsion system (boiler and marine steam engine) as well. If I get real ambitious, I'd also like to do the pattern work for the engine castings too, so if any of you are "backyard" foundry men in the Mundelein Illinois area pouring cast iron and bronze, let me know, it'd be great to combine efforts. When I get enough material together, I'll start publishing my progress on this as well as the Notebook.

WNB Volume 1 # 4

The New Addition:

A video review, this time of two productions from the "DIY " (Do It Yourself) series that can give the newcomer the confidence to plunge in and start building their own custom furnishings.

Sites Of Interest:

Affordable dust collection can be a problem, see how Al Amaral gets the most from his leaf blower:

Sharp tools make all the difference in quality woodworking projects, learn how you can easily put a "shaving edge" on your knife by Steve Bottorf:

Can't afford it? Then make it. Bob Frink shows how to make a benchtop belt sander from salvaged parts- profusely illustrated with many shots of the fabrication process.

Clark and Williams, makers of fine wooden planes, offer some insights of the craft for serious students:

And finally, Peter Thompson's site is an inspiring piece of work, with thoughtful reflection on the aspects of amateur woodworking within limited means and resources:

Thank You

For your support of this site and your purchases of my "Woodworking Made Easy" video. It does take a chunk of time to maintain and seek out new items of interest, but from the encouraging responses via "The Critic" guy, I think I'm giving you what you want, and I do take your needs seriously.

- Hank Metz

WNB Volume 1 # 3

The New Addition:   For this update event, I've added a fourth volume to everybody's favorite feature, "Hot Tips":

What's Coming Up:   When I set out to produce my video on biscuit joinery, I discovered a world rich in how-to videos that really don't get the exposure they deserve in our part of the woodworking spectrum. There are a couple of reasons for this, such as the dominance by Taunton's "Fine Woodworking" series, and the lack of means by the independent producers to reach the woodworker who may have an interest in the product. It is the second issue that I would like to address by means of my "Closer Look" page. In the coming months it is here you will find the works of independent producers or self- publishers designed to broaden the woodworking knowledge base at all levels, from beginner (we all started here once) to pro.  I'll only be posting my perspective on those productions that offer solid educational value in the field of woodworking or related arts, so if a video is not up to snuff, it simply won't get posted- I won't waste your time with a review of a lame offering.   With the above declaration now carved in stone, I'm pleased to announce the acquisition of  several videos from D.I.Y. Video Corp. of Charlotte, N.C. "Building Cabinets", and "Building Bookcases" are two that are on my must-see list, and will likely be a part of the next update notification.

Recap Of Previous Update Item:   Having noticed a flood of requests for plans and pattern information lately, I've put up a special page devoted to free and for a fee links to many such resources:   http://www.ameritech.net/users/hankm/planlink.htm  


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