Woodworking guy img. A Woodworker's Notebook Presents:

Hot Tips, Vol. 2

These tips are compiled from various publications. Suitability of use is up to the individual, and of course- TEST BEFORE IMPLEMENTING!

Scroll-sawyers can create a family heirloom by purchasing a coloring book and letting the child apply their favorite colors to a picture that can be glued to a plywood backer and sawn into pieces forming a jigsaw puzzle. Fabricate a framed tray from 1/4" hardboard to keep the pieces together.

Flatten an oilstone using a concrete surface flooded with water as the abrasive; unclog a glazed one with oven cleaner.

To clean pitch clogged abrasive belts, mount on a plastic cylinder such as a trash container and spray with oven cleaner. Work the solution around with a stiff nylon bristle brush, gently rinsing the residue off with water so as not to wet the backside.

When drilling work for use with dowel points, do the end-grain pieces first, as any shift is likely to occur here; a jobbers type drill bit may yield more accurate holes in end grain due to less wander.

Make tack cloth by saturating and squeezing out rosin from a cotton rag; spoiled shellac that will not dry hard is also a good candidate

To determine moisture content of wood, place a small sample piece that has been weighed to a 0.2% accuracy in a 200-degree oven for 24 hours. Formula for % of moisture content; (Ww-Dw)/Dw. Note: Ww = wet weight, Dw = dry weight

Pipe clamp standoffs can be had from electronic stores that sell plastic capacitor clamps. The desired kind is for horizontal mounting, and features an open throat for quick on and off.

Extend paper-backed sheet abrasive's life by applying vinyl contact paper.

The bottom two inches of a five-gallon bucket makes a good wash tub for a 10" saw blade.

Slip grip gas pliers will groove dowels by compressing the wood cells with their teeth; contact with moisture in the glue swells them back for a tight fit.

Reuse mineral spirits by allowing contents to settle to container bottom; decant clear spirits to new container.

Cushion metal vise jaws with magnetic pads- i.e. free promotional refrigerator magnets from the dentist, quick-lube service, etc.

Hold finishing brads for precision driving by inserting in scrap cardboard tab, pull free before final drive.

Dust-proof a face shield by rubbing with a used fabric softener cloth- the type used in the dryer.

Air scrubber; using a portable box fan, place a square furnace filter over the intake side, suction will retain it and debris collected in minutes.

Rubber finger caps, like the kind found in office supply stores, make useful gripper and burn shields when using the cabinet scraper.

Heat sources for hide glue: electric clothes iron turned upside down (flat surface), steamer type baby bottle warmer, electric food warmer plate.

Lost your non-marring hammer? Put a rubber crutch tip on your regular one and have at it.

To prevent paint skinning, store the can upside down.


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