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About Hank Metz

I'm a professional woodworker in the northeast part of Illinois, about 35 miles north of Chicago. My business is strategically divided into two areas: furniture repair and restoration, and custom cabinetry and furniture. This mix works well for me, as when things get soft on one side, they're usually jumping on the other, so a kind of balance is struck. I would recommend this strategy to anyone wanting to start out, especially the repair end of it. The knowledge you can acquire in this fashion can't be found elsewhere, and will be of great benefit in your own designs. My other passion is instructing in woodworking methods. I've done seminars at local woodworking shows, stores, hobby clubs and, for a time, as a "Tool man" for the Skil-Bosch (S-B) Tool Company. I've also counseled Boy Scout merit badge seekers, and have raised two Eagle Scouts.

Why "A Woodworkers Notebook"? The idea began several years ago when I made some public-access programs through my local cable TV provider. The response was very encouraging, but I realized a need to reach a larger audience that seemed to want more of this type of tutelage, so here I am.

As stated in my home page message, I prefer an expedient solution to woodworking problems; if life teaches us anything, it's that when one is faced with a problem that has a range of possible solutions from the complex to the simple, the simple choice tends to be the correct one. Or put another way: a rose is both beautiful and smells wonderful, but it's cabbage that makes better soup.

This philosophy probably explains my embracing the biscuit joinery method with such enthusiasm, as no other assembly means has such a range of utility and reliability as does this elegantly simple one. However, keeping in mind that oftentimes it's the journey and not the destination that counts, look for some fun stuff around the site also, and remember:

Safety, always…

Hank Metz

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