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The Benchtop Reference Method


Think you must have the most expensive biscuit joiner with a complex fence to do accurate and quality work? Using these tips, and a few simple fixtures, you can turn out work with a precision that will rival the most expensive tool on the market.

I'll start with the fence- or that is to say we'll end with the fence, since it is not needed for most jobs the biscuit joiner is put to. In this tutorial I'll show you a faster, easier, better way to fabricate the most common woodworking joints. Just 3 basic techniques that once learned will build upon each other, allowing more advance uses of this remarkable and revolutionary woodworking tool. This system is what I call the Benchtop Reference method, since that is where we register our cuts from, instead of a clumsy and often inaccurate built-in fence.

Links that are on the pages will open up a graphic or other point of information, so spend some time exploring the whole menu to see just what kind of work you can expect to do with a little investment of your time. I'm pleased to announce that some of these graphics are animated to better convey the information, and were composed especially for this series so your feedback is sought as to their value.


Thanks for your time,

Hank Metz


For more information about biscuit joinery see: http://www.ameritech.net/users/hankm/wme.htm

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