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More Vertical Biscuited Joints

The commonly accepted method of slotting the ends of boards and panels for biscuits is to use the fence in combination with a holding and setup jig. This leads to problems in both accuracy and stability of cut. Note the unsteady way in which the tool must be positioned to attempt the cut, and note the cumbersome and restrictive jig that must be used to help prevent tilting ,and finally notice how work length is limited by the benchtop height.

Using the Benchtop Reference Method <3>. eliminates the problems associated with the previous effort. When stock is too long to hold vertically, fasten a piece of scrap stock to the bottom of the joiner, allowing an overhang or lip that is now used for registration. This method has the advantages of using the tool's full faceplate for stability, and also for allowing the work to be laid horizontal on the benchtop for an unlimited length and greater fabrication speed as clamping of the stock is unnecessary.

See also Benchtop Reference Method <1>


For more information about biscuit joinery see: http://www.ameritech.net/users/hankm/wme.htm

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